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In The Classroom...

Check out our photo album from inside the culinary and pastry classrooms.

From Our Deans...

The best thing a culinary school can do is to train their students to be smart cooks. Students at SFCS will learn methods of cooking, what it means to taste and season food, and how to work efficiently in a kitchen. Cultivating an instinctive knowledge of the how’s and why of food is what’s lacking in many of the traditional programs that exist out there today.

Daniel Patterson

Chef/Owner, Coi, Plum and Plum Bar

SFCS will give students a thorough understanding of what it takes to succeed in the business.

Craig Stoll

Chef/Owner, Delfina Restaurant Group

We need a culinary school that fosters connections between students and chefs in the industry in order to produce cooks who understand and can maneuver within the current culture of the modern kitchen.

Bill Corbett

Executive Pastry Chef, Absinthe



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