Dario Albiar-Carmona

Dario grew up in a large food-centric family where it was often all-hands on deck in the kitchen. While completing his Bachelors Degree at St. Mary’s College, Dario grew tired of the cafeteria’s monotonous meal plan and decided to get better acquainted with his kitchen and the local grocery store. What started as a meal for 1 quickly became a meal for 6 as several of his friends decided to invest in the new Dario meal plan.

Having spent the last 9 years facilitating professional and leadership development for various organizations, Dario decided it was time to combine his passion for teaching with his love of food and cooking. He went on to complete the part-time Professional Culinary Program at San Francisco Cooking School under Chef Kirsten Goldberg and work the line at The Village Pub in Woodside, CA. If he’s not at home cooking, you can find Dario immersed in his expanding cookbook collection, tending to his vegetable garden, or in the line-up waiting for the next wave.